January 2022 News:
I am over the moon to announce that our local hospital in Mechernich has approved my Doula concept. So from now on, I am officially allowed to accompany women / couples to their hospital births as well. 
There are certain health and safety regulations because of COVID19, but the pandemic no longer stands in our way.

(Thank you so much, dear KKHM midwifery Team!!!)

Dear mum / pregnant person,

you are looking for support to navigate your way through pregnancy, birth & postpartum adjustments in addition to your midwives / doctors?

You are especially seeking emotional and practical help?

You want someone to be by your side for the entire duration of your birth, to help make you feel strong and secure? With nothing but care for you in mind?

As a birth-doula, I do not give any medical advice and I don't facilitate unassisted births. Everything else, I am happy to help with.

In most cases, you are not ill when giving birth. Hence, a number of non-medical steps can be taken to improve your birth experience.
First and foremost - I am simply there for you, whatever plans you might have and whatever actually happens. I am there to reassure you and perhaps your partner, and/or to help you get all the information you require.
Furthermore "little things" such as movement, breathing techniques, vocalisation, counter pressure, (rebozo) massage, visualisations, keeping you nourished and adjusting the birth environment can go a long way.

Maybe you are a hypnobirthing mum and need me to get you as much peace and quiet as possible?
In accordance with your midwife / obstetric team, we shall discover the best ways to help you relax and find your inner strength.

I offer a package deal including

- 2-3 one-to-one meetings prior to birth to discuss your thoughts, wishes & questions

- on call service 10 days before and after your due date

- support during birth

- a written record of your birth journey

- 1-2 meetings postpartum.

The price depends on your income.

I am open to birthing centre / hospital births as well as homebirths with a midwife present.
My work mainly takes place around Mechernich / Blankenheim / Hillesheim / Euskirchen / Schleiden; however my work has also led me to Cologne, Bergisch Gladbach and Mayen in the past.

You are very welcome to get in touch. Let's find out whether I could brighten up your individual birth journey.

    Happy birthdays & lots of love

    Contact me:

    Mobile: +49 160 140 24 30

    Email: maria@eifel-doula.de

    Mitglied bei Doulas in Deutschland e.V.